School Slam Series

Sponsor: Smarter than Smoking

Delivery Partners: School Sport WA and SEDA Group

Rules and Regulations

These games will be played during school hours and schools must be aware of their own schools requirements as a result.  Travel and excursion policy needs will be the responsibility of each school.

School Sport WA (SSWA) and Basketball WA (BWA) reserve the right to cancel/change or amend any or all parts of this format leading up to and on the day including playing dates and times.

While the Association and Champion Schools Cups will predominately play under the same set of rules some additional rules to the Champions Schools Cup are required and are found at the end of this document.


1.0       Duration and Start of Play

1.1   Games will fixture for two (2) x 12 minute halves with a two (2) minute break at half time. A four (4) minute warm up period is allocated prior to games.

1.2   All games will be on a running clock with no time stoppages.

1.3   One 30 second time-out per team, per half will be allowed during which the clock will NOT stop.

1.4   No time-outs will be allowed in the last (2) minutes of either half.

1.5   Five (5) seconds in the key, cross court centre line violation and ten (10) seconds in the back court all apply.

1.6   It is imperative games begin on time to enable the fixture to run to schedule.  It is the schools responsibility to be on court at the recommended time to start play.

1.7   A jump ball will commence the game and subsequent referee called contests will be decided by a possession arrow.

1.8   Substitutions can only be called during stoppages of play (e.g fouls & out of bounds), this does not include after a score from either team.

1.9   In the case there is a draw in a finals match, 3min of overtime will be allocated to the game which will be running clock.


2.0       Teams

2.1   Teams can be same year groups or mixed year groups that may include year three, four, five or six students.

2.2   Teams may nominate in more than one School Slam Series in a calendar year however preference will be given to a team registering for their first Cup over a team who has registered more than once.

2.3   An All Star Boys division and an All Star Girls division will be offered in all venues.

2.4   If the venue can accommodate a Future Star Boys or Future Star Girls team competition this will be offered otherwise nominated Future Star teams will compete in the All Star divisions.

2.5   Coaches are requested to ensure that all players are given suitable court time in all matches.  Equal team rotation should be a focus for teams.


3.0       Fouls

3.1   The two (2) free throw rule will apply after five (5) five team fouls have been committed in that half. The sixth (6) and subsequent team fouls will result in (two) 2 free shots.

3.2   Any player receiving five (5) five fouls during the course of a game will be fouled out and must be substituted.  The player cannot take any further part in the game.


4.0       Defensive Rules

4.1   Mandatory half-court defense will be enforced when a team is leading by 15 points or more. The leading team must then allow opponents to bring the ball past the centre line once they gain possession of the ball (e.g off a rebound or inbounds pass after a score). No defense is allowed until the ball crosses half court. The ball will be returned to the offensive team at the centre line if the teams fail to comply with this rule. (This rule does not apply to the Champions Cup tournament)

4.2   Zone defense is not allowed at any point during the game. The defense we recommend is a match up, or Man to Man defense.


5.0       Conditions of Play

5.1   Each team is to nominate one person to assist on the score bench for each game.

5.2   Each school must provide a teacher or school nominated person who will be responsible for the organisation and supervision of their team(s).

5.3   Game results will be recorded on Stadium Scoring score sheet, where there will be space for teams to record the numbers for each player next to registered players.

5.4  It is the responsibility of the Umpire to sign off on the result of the game and confirm the score sheet.


6.0       Game Results

6.1   Four points will be awarded for a win, two points for a draw. In the event a BYE is needed four points will be awarded for a BYE.

NOTE: A team’s point percentage is not affected by a BYE. The points percentage is calculated on the matches played and is carried through to determine finals qualification.

6.2   Should two, or more, teams achieve the same total point score at the end of the round robin games the finishing position will be determined by:

6.2.1    The head to head games between the two tied teams

6.2.2    If the teams are still tied, the order will be determined by points percentage in games between the tied teams.

  • If the teams are still tied after this point the total point average for the teams concerned will decide the final order.

6.3   The finishing order from the School Slam Series will be used to invite selected teams into the Champions Schools Cup competitions.


7.0       Playing Uniforms and Numbering

7.1   Schools are requested to wear an appropriate basketball uniform.  If no playing uniform is available teams must wear school sports uniform.

7.2   It is recommended that tops be the same colour.  Non basketball uniforms only require numbers on the back. Tape may be used.

7.3   Should uniforms not allow numbers to be placed on them then all players will be asked to have clearly visible numbers written on their arms.

7.4   All players must be numbered prior to the commencement of the game.  Recommended numbers to be used are  4-15, 20-25, 30-35, 40-45, 50-15.

7.5   Shorts should not have pockets and if worn, pockets will be required to be taped down.

7.6   Where religious and cultural beliefs conflict with the standard dress code, that modification to the standard uniform may be required. This may include, but is not restricted to the wearing of:

  • Traditional Muslim head scarf
  • Leggings or tracksuits to cover legs
  • Long sleeve tops to cover arms
  • Headscarves are permitted to be worn, as (by rule) they present no threat of injury. This includes head scarves or other fabric articles worn for religious purposes held in place by bobby pins or snap clips.



All rules will apply for the knockout as outlined under Rule 1-7 with the exception to the following additional rule changes, amendments, or additions.

8.1   The Champions Schools Cup is an invitational event. Only the team that finished first at one of the qualifying School Slam Series will be eligible. Schools will be given notification of their involvement and the details of the Champions Cup after the Association Cup games are completed. Other teams may be invited but this will be at the discretion of the games coordinator.

8.2   The clock will stop on all whistles in the last two minutes of the second half in the Grand Final games only (Boys, Girls and Mixed Grand Final games, excluding all consolation finals).

8.3   Timeouts can be applied in the last two minutes of the second half in the Grand Final games only (Boys, Girls and Mixed Grand Final games, excluding all consolation finals).

8.4  In the case of overtime in a semi-final or grand final, 3min of overtime will be played, with the last 2min fully timed.

8.5   Mouthguards are compulsory for all players in the Champions Cup.